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We see our company as #1 in the medicinal cannabis industry on the European continent. A company that contributes to its clients’ wellbeing through constantly improving on its products and services.


We are determined to become leaders in production, pursue revenue growth and actively develop proprietary products as well as establish wholesale strategies and distribution relationships..


We are committed to advancing best practices and actively developing proprietary strategies. We will utilize business models that have already been successfully implemented and continuously improve upon...

Offering a wide range of partnership opportunities to suit your goals as well as your budget!


We are devoted to conduct our business in manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity. Our...

We are dedicated to creating a corporate culture in which everyone is committed to acting in the best...

We strive for excellence in everything we do – every product, service and solution. Our people-centric...

We promote open and honest communication within our company to provide our team with the environment...

We work hard to create possibilities…

Our team

Milena Bulic

Sales & Marketing Director

Cultivating, harvesting, and selling Greek Medical Marijuana....

Community Minded, Greek Owned And Operated.

upcoming events

28-30 SEPTEMBER 2018
Salonica Cannabis Expo

Salonica Cannabis Expo is on and invites all of you to be present with us. We have already planted the seed of cannabis economy! It’s time to harvest it! A new market has been born! Be part of it!

05-07 NOVEMBER 2018

5-7 October, 2018
Madrid, Spain
+34 91 658 45 20

01-02 NOVEMBER 2018
EuroAmerican Cannabis Business Conference

1-2 November, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

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